Collaboration with Maskenzauber & Erlebenskunst

Aktualisiert: 27. Apr. 2018

shooting in the atelier of maskenzauber & erlebenskunst / berlin schöneberg.

available light, music of fever ray and a beautiful model: marén söhnlein - owner of the wonderful world of maskenzauber. her art is very special, without words. i love both: the human marén and the art of her. dear marén: thank you for friendship, for unspoken words, thoughts and for breathing life - together!

from left to right: 1. anima ignis: playing with fire 2. aertis (background: sibyls-well / odenthal) 3. lilium (big picture) - according to klimt 4. into a swan (according to siouxsie and the banshees) 5. fille de la lune (bachground - door from ronda)

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